Ooh a magazine advert to sign up new spies! It lists ‘job security’ as a key attraction??!! Hmm job security in Kabul…ya think?

I spy

I saw this full page advert as I was flicking through an inflight magazine and it caught my eye. As I slunk down in my seat and scanned my fellow passengers for potential shoe-lighters I read on. ‘A role with a purpose’ – ahh that’s clearly code, maybe they mean porpoise. A mission with dolphins hey – hmm…clearly more code. Ah ha! Dolls don’t have phins (fins) they have arms. Weapons hey. Doll? Mmm, of course they mean the Dole. Ye gads the great unwashed are collecting weapons?

Here’s a testimonial. Seems that it was down to Counter-Terrorism or Tour Leading for Ramesh



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