Are ‘Likes’ making us even lazier?

Are Likes making us lazier?

Like it or not we're getting lazier

I have to admit that the other day I read an email from a friend of mine that wasn’t really going to change the world but was pretty interesting. I then looked around my Gmail dashboard for where the ‘like’ button was?! Ye gads, how bad is that! I’m so conditioned now to oh that’s pretty good – but I’m way too busy to comment but it’s definitely worthy a ‘like’. Click.

Mark Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for. Actually mayyybe… I’ll add that to my lawsuit. Oh you haven’t heard? Well you see I actually gave Mark the idea for Facebook in a dream. Just have to wait for the Twins et al to finish up (by the way how many more courts of appeal are there in the US???) and then I’m all over it. I think conditioning around 700 million people into overt laziness will sit quite nicely in the suit.

Mwwaaaaa haaaahaaaa….


2 thoughts on “Are ‘Likes’ making us even lazier?

  1. I’m too busy to comment as well.

    By the way, I’ll see you in court – I gave Mark that idea when he visited ME in a dream (way before you got into his dream).

    • Deborah now I think ‘you’ are dreaming I’m sorry to say. I know I was first and by the time of my lawsuit I will have fabricated clinical evidence to back me up. Maybe you might have been Myspace? If so I’d really rather hurry with your suit while they are still around. Thanks for dropping by btw 🙂

      Oh just dropped by your blog – Love it! But thought you’d have the kettle on. Hey would it be bad if I couldn’t see ‘*’s or bold text on my computer? Just wondering…

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