Give Bic the Flic. This pen is smarter than my next door neighbour and she’s a journalist so…


It listens, it remembers things. Should men be worried?!

Behold Livescribe. The saviour of a time poor populace. Now we needn’t have to irritatingly listen to people nor arduously transfer jotted scribbles from note pads into documents ourselves. No friends that is so very 2010. Tisk & piff to you late adopters.

This pen actually listens and remembers. Should we collectively as males be worried? Write, scribble, bullet point or interview it’s all captured for you to transfer to your desktop, Mac, iPad or smartphone. Rumour has it that this was what Osama was working on for the last couple of years.

This product is fascinating and alarming in equal measure. Can you picture the University lecture with a swarm of students saluting their lecturer with their pens held aloft. The efficient tutorial graph-paper doodler is also now poised to become pretty wealthy. Imagine a decent doodle of a poodle – that might make someone oodles.



5 thoughts on “Give Bic the Flic. This pen is smarter than my next door neighbour and she’s a journalist so…

  1. Great. Now it will be even easier to effortlessly archive a ton of useless droning in high fidelity, with no improvement in our cognitive ability to evaluate, edit, sort, index or qualify the information buried under it. You can listen to bad speeches or lectures twice! I think I’ll pass.

    • Yes but doodling Invisible Mikey – doodling stands to go to a new level. Also – along with never actually calling anyone on your phone anymore – the last bastion of irritation – having to actually listen to someone – has also now been dismissed. Can I ask – being invisible and all that can you walk thru walls or do you need to still open doors? Just asking…

      • Just like that earlier Invisible Man. The clothes still show. Same form, same mass. I have made improvements, though. If I walk barefoot through snow, it doesn’t leave shoe-shaped prints as it did in the 1933 film.

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