Monday’s classic commercial. Australia’s most controversial TV ad of the year. I had to beaver around a little to find this.

Not that I’m into women’s hygiene products – can we just establish that at the outset please. However I am completely into controversy, originality & irreverence.

In 2008 this was the most complained about TV commercial in Australia. For the life of me I can’t see why. Is it the lack of horse riding? The lack of tippy toeing gleefully with best friends along beaches and through gently lapping waves?

Nice side story to this – when these ads were airing my mum was in Australia visiting. My beautiful mother was vexed as to why a chipmunk was in this commercial. I kept saying it’s a beaver mum not a chipmunk. She would rebuff with “no it’s definitely a chipmunk” knowingly…

“Mum IT IS a beaver – it doesn’t work if it’s NOT a beaver” You know the type of conversation where you both know best.

Anyway so I guess the agency got us talking at least. Moreover talks shows, forums & water cooler conversations were white hot discussing this commercial in ’08 so in agency land – job done!


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