Meatloaf is touring – lock up your grandmas. “All the hits and more” spruiked the radio ad. Hmmm what is the ‘and more’ bit? How very intriguing.


Two out of three good songs ain't bad

So I heard this commercial for Meatloaf’s upcoming Australian tour on radio today promising “all of the hits and more!” WOW – what could the enticing ‘and more’ part entail?

Don’t miss your chance to sing along to some of Meatloaf’s uber hits plus – for the first time ever in Australia – some of his most spectacular failures! The ‘Loaf is set to include some of his all-time crapiest tracks ever in this brand new must-see show.

You’ll be yawning & yelling in equal measure. As Meat himself quipped “this tour’s not just about the hits some of these tracks may actually give you the shits^!!”

Book at usual outlets.

^ OK so maybe that’s not like a direct quote. Maybe more like an intonation


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