Monday’s classic commercial (on Thursday) It’s a BIG ad!

Sorry folks…can’t even say that it’s Monday somewhere in the world. Simply slipped my mind

But speaking of things slipping how about we focus on the silken luxury of amber fluid slipping down your gullet. Yes today’s classic commercial is about beer!! Happy face, happy face.

This BIG ad was created in 2007 for the Australian beer Carlton Draught. It was a viral phenomenon (thank you spellcheck) with more than 160,000 downloads in it’s first 24 hours – very large for the Australian market. It has continued to be a YouTube favorite some four years down the track.

Was it successful?

Well if you asked the Creative Agency then you’d get an almighty Aah Ha!! Can’t find them for comment though – just a note on their desk saying they’re in the Balkans hand picking Sturgeons as the caviar quality in Australia blows. Anyway suffice to say that this was a very expensive advertisment to produce.

Ask the Sales Manager and he would be somewhat more likely say – Complete Disaster! Sales of Carlton Draught actually dropped after this campaign. Being harsh I’m tempted to say that is because the beer itself tastes like it has come from the womb of Satan, but I won’t…

What I will propose instead is that whilst great for branding the commercial itself doesn’t provide any reasons to drink this fetid fluid of Beelzebub. Lines like:

Is this the work of the Devil?

“It’s a Big Ad

An expensive ad

This ad better bloody sell some beer”  

Is all a bit smug really. I went to get comment from the former Sales Manager but he wasn’t in attendance in his cardboard box at the time. Maybe I might have had been beneath the wrong overpass though…


2 thoughts on “Monday’s classic commercial (on Thursday) It’s a BIG ad!

  1. I remember that ad and loved it. When I see creative ads and enjoy them, I find myself asking someone else if they saw the same ad. Ironically, many times we’ve both loved the ad but had no idea what product it was selling. Good ads have to straddle the line of entertainment and messaging. The there’s the ones you want to shoot the TV for and then they stick in your brain like skunk piss.

    • Haven’t run into a skunk on my travels Alan. Sounds like a good thing though ha ha. Yeah pretty damn clever ad but on a taboo subject. Who whadda thought it still in this day and age hey…

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