I am NOT spam. A man I am not spam!

I am NOT a virus

You know cures can sometimes be worse than the affliction. These infernal ‘security checks’ of course have their place but ye gads and curse it sometimes they are just completely undecipherable.

It would actually take me much less time to develop an Internet crippling virus than it does to enter and re-enter and then re-enter my befuddled attempts to decipher these security letters. You know I venture I would have had better success in cracking the legendary WW2 Enigma code than this conniption-inducing Ticketmaster security sequence.

For God's sake - enough already!

I am not a security code…I’m a free man! (Semi- stealing a quote there from 60’s show The Prisoner)








Delicious Addition. To share this on Facebook I had to fill out the below. Brilliant. The circle is complete!

SO appropriate!


4 thoughts on “I am NOT spam. A man I am not spam!

  1. My son was looking over my shoulder as I read this and asked “What does that little box even SAY?!” He’s 9. Even he gets it. Security checks are the Rorschach test of the computer world. And Facebook’s are the worst.

  2. I hate that thing on Ticketmaster! I waited FOREVER for tickets to the Taylor Swift (don’t judge) concert to open. And once it did? I had to type in that stupid little security check before they would find me any tickets, and they kept giving me security checks not even a human could read. By the time I got through that step, the only tickets left were singles. Security checks fail when time is an issue. And in general.

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