This surely won’t attract unwanted attention!

Hmmm… So I recently needed to have a police check to officially register a competition permit for my day job. So anyway after trips to banks, police stations & – wait for it – a pharmacy (!) I finally fulfilled all the requirements of the blasted form.  I will miss my first born son by the way but a form is a form & must be completed! I’m digressing… Well just one more second while I’m on it, did you know that I think ‘forms’ are the paper of the devil & are my single most hated thing? Well now you do…

So low & behold I receive my acceptance letter (thus pictured) & I couldn’t help but ponder in this age rife with identify theft that this letter from the Victoria Police marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ (hello!!) might just be of some interest to the bad guys. Me thinks this letter wasn’t sent from the undercover department.

Loving the word ‘Confidential’ emblazoned for all to see, as if a lofty blimp to the underworld. Kind of akin to a credit card company printing along the top of their envelopes – ‘credit card within – wait two days for the pin peeps’.

Anyhoo…just saying


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