I’m turning 1000 – how should I celebrate?

I'm turning 1000

So OK I know that the guy that has the blog about paint drying gets like a 1000 views an hour – however – I am still pretty excited about my impending watershed. 1000 views from youz! But what should I do to celebrate?

I’m thinking…

  • Site redesign
  • Ticker tape parade. May need to get permits though and that involves forms. I have mentioned that I think forms are the paper of the devil, and my most hated thing ever, so that’s out.
  • TV spectacular
  • Charity fun run
  • Mega simultaneous concerts in London, New York, Paris & Ushuaia
  • One thousand people spelling out the number ‘1000’ on some revered icon. Like a MCG, Lords or Yankee Stadium

I know all of the above is a bit low-key and understated. Do you have any ideas of how to celebrate turning the big 1000.

So awesome!

All advice welcomed. You know, unless it’s a bit dumb in which case I may snigger. But let’s just see…


8 thoughts on “I’m turning 1000 – how should I celebrate?

    • Rum you old seadog you. Whilst I don’t tend to drink any of your suggestions I do completely love the general gist of your post!! 🙂 Infact the last time I had rum I believe I was skippering a Narrowboat on an English canal at a hectic 6kms per/hour and still crashed!! Ha ha.

  1. Nothing says celebration quite like ponies, clowns and three mariachi dancers. I’m not too sure what you’d do with them though. Maybe just hang out with them in your living room??

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