At last! Keep your friends close & your enemies far, far away!

So I tend to do a vaguely annual Facebook friend cull. You know the ones that you were like – should I, shouldn’t I? – and then proceed to never interact with ever.

I am also quite strict with who I accept too. I work for a pretty large organisation & do get quite a few requests plus I tend not to say yes to the sister of the guy who worked with my brother.^

However this new social connectivity technology from Ticketmaster is making me rethink my tactics.

  • Book your concert ticket knowing where your friends are sitting – good.
  • Book your ticket knowing how to avoid that completely irritating person who does that thing you completely hate – PRICELESS! (Thanks MasterCard)

Perhaps I will be accepting friend requests in a much more lenient fashion in future…

^ I don’t have a brother.


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