Gmail spell-check has offended me. Seriuosly!

Ignore my otter

Yes so I have purposely spelled seriously incorrectly. It’s wrong but not really that horrendously misspelled. Agree? You knew the word, right. Hmmm…  so why then in the example above does Gmail spell-check think that I have typed ‘other’ so disturbingly incorrectly that in disgust it refuses to even offer the correct word as an option!!??

It’s almost a 2001 Space Odyssey Hal moment.

“What are you doing Saxon? This is highly misspelled Saxon. Your options will be…”

  • Otter. OK wrong but at least cute.
  • Uteri. Um OK errr not so cute. No need to look that up again…
  • OTOH. Not even a word!!
  • Oder Central European river

Well Czech this out Gmail. Maybe I should consider using anotter email system?


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