The day this newspaper died. (To me)

Not a Newspaper - a Wordspaper

Hmmm… this paper is a Rupert Murdoch rag. With his form wouldn’t you have thought then that his editors  may have ‘overheard’ something a bit more interesting to print than the two articles below. Sometimes you are asked do you remember where you were when… Well in this instance yes – I was in the lounge of my in-laws house when on August 30, 2o11 I decided that I just couldn’t continue to subject myself to the articles of this wordspaper – can’t really call it a newspaper.

Forget toe sucking - here is some real Royal scandal

Prince William controversy – could this bring down the Monarchy?

A few months ago Prince William visited Australia & some recent natural disaster locales in a goodwill visit (no pun intended, well maybe just a little bit). In this particular tiny rural hamlet he was harangued into signing up for a local Australian Rules Football betting syndicate called locally ‘Footy Tipping”.

He was likely in the village for about six minutes & would remember about as much about his selections as he would what he had for breakfast that day.

However the fact that he is doing terribly – really? – is worthy a page 5 lengthy article in this wordspaper.

Seriously? This story worthy of Page 5!?

Orlando Bloom SHOCK revelation – EXCLUSIVE

Apparently the northern hemisphere has Father’s Day on a different day than its southerly neighbour. Interesting right, um not really…

Well Super mega uber enormo star Orlando Bloom was tracked down for comment about this fascinating fact. I particularly love his reply as you can almost hear his disbelief at the utter irrelevance of the question. True professional though Bloom…

“That’s great…I suppose there’s an English one and there’s an Australian one”

Two words - Page 6


2 thoughts on “The day this newspaper died. (To me)

    • Tis a good idea Kel. Secretly I just wrote this post to distract you from the earlier one where I make John Farnham’s 80s mullet look classy!! Thx for stopping by. You got a blog? Should do…

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