Devil in the detail

Do not pay - Hip, Hip, Hooray!

As you may know, if you stop by my blog semi regularly, I think forms are the paper of the devil & are easily my most disliked thing.

That said a close 2nd on my most loathed list is pretty much anything to do with numbers really, in particular paying bills. You know things like tax, budgets, invoices in fact anything that is particularly (& I do feel myself nodding off as I write this) detailed. However there is one massive exception^

So imagine my delight at receiving the above invoice as the result of a contra agreement that required me to do the sum total of nothing!


Angels giggled, tympani rolled, unicorns danced & waterfalls babbled – just so happy!!

^ The exception to my numerical anathema rule. High level strategy that is hewn from data. Well mainly data that means you can do an…Exploding pie chart! OMG so loving a 3D exploding pie!

So love an exploding pie chart!


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