What do you call a group of accountants?

Holy pivot tables Batman!

An abacus? Or maybe a macro of accountants… any thoughts?

Anyway I spied these posters at my work where I share a floor with the company number bods. It’s an impassioned call for all beanies to rise up & be counted, break down the image of dowdy & dour, a stoic call for a day where P & L stands for Party & Love!

Now if you stop by my blog from time to time you’ll know that numbers & I don’t get on. Calculators? Well we all know that they are to be used for typing in 58008 & turned upside down. So I can’t empathise too well with the masters of numeracy.

However…one might note that a day to celebrate accountants organised err – by accountants – might be a tad socially off kilter? Could this even be a slight social faux pas? If so might this be completely perpetuating the stereotype as opposed to breaking it down? Hmmm… just asking…it’s what I do.

What about Marketer stereotypes?

Wouldn’t dare to suggest that these are particularly flattering actually. Ha ha

A 'wanker' of marketers?

Anyway happy Accountants Day peeps!


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