Hats off to these guys – well the opposite actually

What could be done better hair, I mean here?

So I was having a cider with a colleague & friend next to the Salamanca Markets, Hobart, Tasmania. I was in town for a conference for the day job but was off the clock. However dear readers I am never off the clock for Alternate takes…

So as I sipped and observed it appeared to me that the Hats R Us stall might be able to sell a few more headpieces with a subtle tweaking of their sales technique. Amidst a veritable sea of headwear I couldn’t help but ponder – as the sun bore down with some brutality – that it might have actually been a good idea for both of the sales staff to be wearing the product? You know um, a hat. Err the thing you’re supposed to be selling…

Maybe some suggestive-selling shout outs might also have been a good idea? On an island with a wafer thin ozone layer some audible quips targeting the meandering tourists (sans chapeau) may have been in order. Such as:

‘Jeez UV a killer today, ain’t it Mary’


‘pity about that damn ozone hole…’


‘OMG is that Roger Fedora?’

Anyway just saying…


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