Is it possible I’m addicted to QR codes?

Do not scan lest you become an addict too

OK so cigarettes would be worse, marijuana smellier & cocaine costlier (oh sorry and illegal forgot that part for the last two, yeah illegal) But my name is Saxon & I’m damn sure I am developing an addiction to creating QR codes.

QR codes? Quick response codes folks. For the marketer today the nexus between offline & online. From the punters morning newspaper to your website with the merest of waves of their smartphone or tablet. Hang I need to take a moment. OK composed…

I would wax lyrical about how they work – or – I could just get you to scan one:

Yes I wish to learn more about the mystical world of the QR

Or oldschool. As presented to us by a user experience librarian. Wow seriously that job exists?


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