Outdoor media – it can be boom or bust!

Really? There's 3 billboards here you say...

Unquestionably outdoor media is becoming more & more popular in the Australian marketplace. It offers very attractive pricing when compared with traditional offline newspaper advertising (abhorrently expensive by the way) and certainly comes in well under TV.

Another appeal – if you get the right site (all important that) – is the stickability of your ad. You can’t change the channel, use TIVO to skim through ads or flick the page of your morning newspaper. A great Outdoor site has very high impact (wanker term = cut through) and there are normally a very limited amount of these prime locations in a city. Here’s one in Melbourne, Australia…

'High' profile literally

So three marketing managers have spent tens-of-thousands of their marketing budget dollars to achieve some power presence at one of Melbourne’s best Outdoor sites. A massive intersection with enormous reach. In short a top dollar site.

Unfortunately sometimes the best laid plans by some of the best marketing minds can come undone and go…err well, tits up. If they made a card game called Marketing 500 then – CK trumps, um whoever the other brands are & glamorously photographed cleavage trumps bottles. Well most things really.

Lights have changed see ya


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