Before Social Media there was tennis

Quiet please - some loudmouth would like to yell something inane

I was at the Australian Open tennis this week and took the pic above. Was a decent match filled with tension, skill & some guile. At the other end was Lleyton Hewitt

Sadly though there was no such subtlety or variation in the calls from the crowd. Have you been to a tennis tournament or Grand Slam? There are always some champions in the crowd more than willing to contribute – what to them – are simply hilarious comments in between points. Trouble is what, to the contributor, is fine china to others is closer to porcelain. Not the type found on tables shall we say. Often you may actually miss a point so slumped are you in your seat for fear of another cringeworthy banal comment. For example

Linesman – OUT. Crowd Comedian – You SURE!?

One of the players was German. Had to duck the champagne comedy cork when You can do it (in Arnie’s accent) was unleashed from the back rows.

However as the stand up (oops I mean) match continued what became very clear to me was that the court-jesters would press on in continued hope of reaction from the crowd to their boasts. A laugh akin to a triumph! Not in anyway in search of conversation but just validation & recognition of their broadcasts. Hmm…sound familiar? Are tennis deros the precursor to Social Media…discuss.

30 love... my comment EXCELLENT!

Not tennis but I love this! I’d say in this match – Heckler vs Stand Up – it’s 15 all.


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