Um OK a little awkward

There's cold calling & then VERY cold calling!!

OK so I’ve done a post already on Alternate Takes about my penchant for Quick Response (QR) codes. I’m using them frequently in the advertising I organise in my day job. So much so it would seem that it is being noticed by techy types & their associated businesses.

I’m getting a few approaches by proactive types championing how their business will advance what I’m doing and/or how we could work together for mutual benefit…yada yada. That’s fine.

However today I received a quite delightful QR cold call (try saying that five times fast) via one of our retail stores. It was a simple trawl for business & we were just one of the corporate fish netted in their broadbrush spruiking. However I must admit that as I forced myself to look thru the prop (as you do) I did pause at the above slide.

QR codes are becoming more common and even appear in newspapers

Well strike me down with the sports section. Really?!! Sweet baby Jesus & the orphans who would have thought that. Well OK perhaps that’s not completely accurate. You see both unfortunately – and reasonably awkwardly – the newspaper advertising & QR code they use to evidence this ground-breaking information is actually my ad. Ha ha

Oh dear! What are the chances, small world hey


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