Bring back the business lunch!


I was at a networking function hosted by 3 Degrees Marketing recently and got talking to some great people across a wide pastiche of different industries. As I was exchanging cards with someone in the magazine game & tentatively planning a meeting we both got to chatting about the complete lack these days of the ballsy business meeting.

Not sure about you but certainly I dread the moment these days at a business lunch when the waitress or waiter says…OK drinks for anyone?

Eyes dart around the table more fidgety than a cowboy’s trigger-finger before a draw. Everyone is thinking – yes actually I’d bloody love a Sav Blanc – yet silence pervades eventually broken by the first to speak. Ummm, err….I’ll have a mineral water and then the rest fall into line like a sad house of cards. Yes a mineral water for me too, coke for me please…

Enough!! Let us follow the lead of these Belgian business warriors. Now THIS IS A BUSINESS MEETING!

bring back the business meeting

Oui - tell me again Pascal how your product vill help zee bottom line

Sadly even here it seems this business meeting has been effected by timidness & cost cutting. They really wanted to have a large!

So pfft I say. Join me in bringing it back – business-lunch-bravado. A glass of coke is normally extortionate at a decent restaurant anyway and not much (if any) cheaper than a beer or house-wine plus often a glass of wine is included in a corporate lunch menu. Act now.

End the fear – say thanks waitress you can put my wine right here!


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