The Easter Pun challenge – accepted

My mission is – to write the most pun laden Easter advert ever. Your task was – to provide me the service or product to write about…

There were as expected some reasonably left-of-centre suggestions, thank you, and some that would certainly have red flagged on a various law enforcement computers around the world but thanks for all suggestions. (Please see my last post for full details of the challenge) All that considered I have chosen to write my Easter ad on the safe topic of share-brokerage as suggested on Twitter.

Warning! EXTREME pun usage below.


You’ll be hopping mad if you miss our Easter SALE.

At Bland & Brothers Sharebrokers we let our actions speak louder than words – so we won’t rabbit on. Eggcept to say that when it comes to share portfolio success you just can’t have all your eggs in one basket.


Many a naive investor with too narrow a portfolio has had wealth hare today yet gone tomorrow. At Bland & Brothers we take the stress out of watching the markets and are the leaders in our field. (Check out our testimonial from Warren Buffet) With our great service our clients’ stay loyal – have you been down right hot crossed before?

So hop to it. Call today. Even if you just want us to cross off some of the reasons why B&B are best and have our competition foiled. We’re sure you’re bound to agree!

You survived! Well done.

Look what I’ve found!! Clever Easter ads.

Below please see what I believe to be a really clever piece of Easter advertising creative. Yay. It can happen. Just Google Kolner Zoo Easter for more info. It’s a great campaign!


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