Forget the ‘immaculate conception’. Saigon Cooking Class performed a TRUE miracle

OK so I am to cooking what Stalin was to liberalism or the show Jackass is to subtlety. I put the ‘ew’ into julienne & if an ingredient can stick to the bottom of a pan then I will make it so.

However friends behold below the unfathomable, the unthinkable, the unbelievable, the…


I am currently in super Saigon for a work conference and one of the activities yesterday was a cooking class. Now just know that I thought cous cous was something that you whispered to a baby before bed. Kitchens and me, well we just haven’t gotten on over the years. That is folks until – the Miracle.

My three course menu. Naysayers eat your words.

To be fair most of my friends would actually much prefer to eat their own words than anything cooked by me. But maybe that may change – see my menu that I prepared, cooked & then avec gusto consumed. If you are dropping by Vietnam (as you do) then make sure you drop by Saigon Cooking Class. (The chef will likely be out of counselling by then.)


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