Ahh finally – some good ‘Hackers.’

What a bastion this restful park was in downtown Saigon when I was there recently. A nirvana of green, calm & Tai chi. A welcome respite from the cacophony of noise and action through-out most of the rest of the city.

Dawn exercises in Saigon

Tai Chi at dawn

A hit of the popular Badminton

Vietnamese Hacky Sack

It was a pleasure to watch the skills of a relaxed group of friends as they played the local Vietnamese version of Hacky Sack known as Jianzi. I watched at a respectful distance although in fairness I also judged it to be a safe distance so as to not be invited to join in. I knew the Vietnamese locals to be very friendly but no one needed to see a large sweaty white person dislocate both knees whilst simultaneously flattening two thirds of the playing group in a Lazarus-like fall.


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