Simply e-mazing.

Conventional wisdom thought it impossible, yet somehow, somehow dear friends it has happened. Tea Towels just got even cooler & more useful. Infact four times cooler & extra functional. The Gods of Funk have smiled upon us & I expect to see Gotye in the social pages with his e-towel before too long!


4 x more BS!

Ev ‘e’ lution.
In the centuries ahead one can presume that the schoolrooms of the future (can’t even fathom what they might look like) will mark the milestones across the millennia a little something like this…

Fire – Wheel – Printing Press – Industrial Revolution – Automobile – Internet – e-towel – ?

I really feel that this product is a watershed. In fact 4 x the amount of water shed! A steal at only AUD $16


Just can’t get e-nough products from e-cloth


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