How can something ‘wrong’ sound so very,very right!

I haven’t posted to my ‘Do-tube‘ section for ages but this smile-inducing, toe tapper is truly worthy.

I’m pretty sure that this was a chance meeting on the streets between a busker & a very young fan but regardless it’s just splendid. I include the original version below for your aural pleasure too. Nuff said for this post. Enjoy!

The Wrong Direction – Passenger


5 thoughts on “How can something ‘wrong’ sound so very,very right!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this… That’s my video from YouTube you’ve posted and I would love to give you the back story behind this “chance meeting” if you’re interested 🙂

      • Mike announced on his Facebook page that he was going to busk in Melbourne on that beautiful autumn Sunday… His fans came out in force, and in the crowd was Dom, with his little brother and their parents. When Mike asked for requests Dom called out for ‘The Wrong Direction’… As Mike started to sing it, he could see that Dom was singing along to every word, so he asked him to come up and join him. As you can see from the video, Dom didn’t miss a beat and Mike’s day was made!

        Go to my YouTube channel (eskiesgirl) where you will find it shot from the very beginning, when Mike asks Dom to join him 🙂

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