Look out – Cyclone Texter is on the way


I won’t need my thumbs in my 30s. Besides phones will be soooo oldskool by then!!

I’ve noticed teenagers text message with a frenetic energy that I have only hitherto seen captured in YouTube clips of tsunamis.

If only we could harness that power, we may have found the future of energy post fossil fuels! NB – I haven’t really considered any possible issues associated with physically connecting a teenager to a power turbine. There may be possible OH&S implications? Plus my ‘all the cool kids are doing it’ enlistment strategy may need some refinement. Anyway…

When a Gen Z’er texts there is so much frenzied movement of digits & thumbs that a veritable texting hurricane sweeps concentrically outwards from their keypad. My texting, on the other hand, produces a wind force similar in scale & brutality to that of a receding glacier or by being passed by a particularly infirm sloth. I guess I’m just more wind jeer than windsheer?!


Hold on folks. I’m texting

However there is good & bad news in relation to my glacial texting pace. Bad – I’m far from being very ‘street’. Good – it took almost my entire tram journey home to write this!


3 thoughts on “Look out – Cyclone Texter is on the way

  1. It’s only technolgy if it was created after you were born. – I read that some where, but essentially technology is a 1st language to teens but a 2nd or third langauge to the rest of us.

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