To put this post in perspective…

Utter ship! Has ‘journalism’ sunk to a new low?

I’m one of those oldskool cats that flicks through a newspaper every once in a while. I know, I know, how very 1998 of me. In truth it’s normally when I go to a local cafe for lunch and there is an assortment of newspapers to peruse as I munch. However I’m going to need to rethink this activity for safety’s sake I think as I nearly choked on my overpriced risotto.

What left me aghast was what passes for journalism these days! I have to say that I’m starting to think that the historical figure of Saint Benedict was on to something when around 1500 years ago he decided to duck into an Italian cave and pretty much remain there. Two things about that…

  1. How visionary and…
  2. I wasn’t aware that the The Herald Sun newspaper was available in Italy in the 500s.

OK so I pick on them but really this post is about all media that are so oft to use the dumbing-down quip ‘to put that in perspective…’

You can really translate that more appropriately as

‘we think that you are collectively so unintelligent that we’ve needed to dumb this down to the point of comparing it to the number of swimming pools that it would take to fill it or the amount of football fields that would fit in it…’

Then it happened…

Yesterday was the (journalistic) straw that broke the camel’s back…or to put that in perspective when I say camel think of a horse with a piece of Toblerone on its back.

When I saw the shape of a ship tipped high and dry in the midst of a large metropolitan city (image above) my first thought was obviously – hello has the Captain of the Costa Concordia got a new job? But no a new Australian naval ship has been compared to the second highest building in Melbourne, Australia. Of course it has! Clearly either the building was going to have to be laid out flat or the ship tilted 90 degrees. In what was likely to be a tense press-room scene with the stakes high, and an editor-in-chief under pressure to deliver cutting edge copy even higher, tipping the ship to the vertical got the nod. Brilliant…

To put this blog in perspective.

Thanks for reading this post and dropping by my blog. To put my blog in perspective I have had almost 9000 views over the journey. That is the same as having one reader placed every metre up the side of Mt Everest.


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