I think I may have Track Rage?

Just me? Is it just me…

As a parent my love for my son and daughter is fundamental. However equally apparent is my two year old boy’s love (tipping towards obsession) for Thomas the Tank Engine and any and all things associated with the little blue locomotive. However I am developing a concerning trait I’m calling – Track Rage!

You see I’m noticing that as my youngster gleefully begins to assemble his wooden tracks the angst begins and my smiles becomes a little feinted & more resembling a grimace. Then sadly come the blatant lies followed by pangs of guilt possibly reminiscent of being caught-out having a shunt in the engine shed…

Dad says “Good Boy – that’s great.”

(Dad means. Seriously? That curve positioned there just spells derailment!!)

Dad says “What about this son?”

(Dad means. Let daddy fix that unless you actually want to kill passengers!)

A road joining the track??! Son this just can’t be!

Look over there!

What dad? Um you know that thing you really like. It’s over there son, that thing. Child turns head, dad pathetically tries to switch out a clearly misplaced piece of track. Sadder still is that more often than not I get sprung and end up looking guiltier than the Fat Controller busted in a Burger King drive thru.

Actually it’s been good to let off some steam.

Am I the only parent with Track Rage? I find there is an alarming satisfaction in designing more and more complex track configurations. Sometimes it’s almost euphoric – the audible click of the last two pieces of track satisfyingly interlocking into place. Perhaps it’s not quite the same as being drunk maybe it’s a little more like being Sodor.


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