Sir Lance Alot (of EPO)

What a dope.

Hmmm…this really is a very sad story. For his admirers, his charity, his competitors, the sport of cycling, sport in general & for those moreover that believed in fairytales. Ultimately too for Lance Armstrong. There’s no pleasantness about this affair. Kind of like catching an employee with their hand in the cash register and having to dismiss them. No winners. BIG cash register in Mr Armstrong’s case.

“A $75 million dollar day”

he dutifully told Detective Winfrey. Probably didn’t really help his cause with Joe Public that one I’m thinking…

He’s really taken us ‘for Dummies’

I got the idea to do this faux ‘For Dummies’^  cover after visiting the website of his subtlely entitled biography…

The Making of the World’s Greatest Champion.

NIce and low-key that. The site is predominately yellow & black which reminded me of a certain other book range who use that colour palette.

Lance Armstrong. How to win the Tour de France for Dummies

Lance Armstrong. How to win the Tour de France for Dummies

^ Hello Mr/ Mrs/ Ms For Dummies lawyer person. BTW are those new shoes? They look FABULOUS! I’m just a struggling blogger in the Southern Hemisphere (Google it) & only having a bit of fun. Let’s laugh together whilst not suing each other…


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