The oak and the acorn

The only constant is change.

Our next door neighbours are an elderly Greek couple in their late seventies. ‘Betty’ speaks a little english and ‘John’ none. Sadly Betty has had a series of health issues and now needs to be placed in a care facility. She won’t be returning home

That’s really sad as Betty & John’s favorite thing to do was to sit on their front porch watching the world go by. Well snooping mostly to be fair! They are lovely people & it’s sad to see John now continue that overseer tradition alone.

Then a tender moment – ‘a rose’.

Yesterday as my son and I passed their house John came down towards us gesticulating madly & speaking in Greek. Sadly I was at a loss due to the fact that he seemed not to be saying…

“…Athens, Athens, Athens.” (the only Greek word I know)

However it quickly became apparent what his (particularly wonderful) intentions were. Luckily I had my camera. See below 🙂ImageImage



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