Byron Bay, Australia – photography by HTC not SLR

Byron Bay phone photography

It’s cheating right?

I do own a SLR camera that I unleash from time to time. Trouble is that it weighs slightly more than my two year old child and when you have it tethered around your neck you tend to ‘fit in’ with your local environment about as seamlessly as a birka in a synagogue. However if I am doing some overseas travel I normally have ‘SLR Day!’ No you haven’t been missing a public holiday folks – relax, no SLR Day is just a period of time that I resign myself to being unashamedly touristy and pointing my bulky camera at people and bits of cities. For example during my last trip to New York out of my four days there I did indeed have a SLRD (including using a tripod no less!) where-as the rest of my visit was spent snapping away on my trusty android smartphone. Most shots avec my HTC were composed and taken quickly, and discreetly of course, whilst I tried to maintain a demeanour of wistful, yet vaguely approachable, in Lower Manhattan’s Meatpacking district.

You can see some of those shots here.

Mates and SLRs don’t mix.

So when I recently had a three day boys catch-up with one of my best mates in Byron Bay, Australia there was never a moment that I thought about taking the Canon. Infact it would have been likelier that we hit a bar called canon than take a photo with one. Byron Bay is an interesting amalgam of backpackers, rainforest, bars & restaurants, boutiques, hippies, white sand beaches, camper vans and surfers all mingling beneath the shadow cast by the uber famous Byron Bay lighthouse.

Worth a visit – but oh take your wallet!!


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