I’ve moved. Please come on over to my new virtual home.



I’m blogging over here these days.


Whoosh – did you see that?!

A colleague of mine once summed up the – as you get older, life gets faster syndrome – in the following way:

Divide one year (1) into your age and get a percentage.

EG. 1 into 5 years old. 20% of your life.

1 into 40 years old. 2.5% of your life.

I think that is a very salient way to explain how years go by faster and faster yet when you were young it seemed to take FOREVER for Christmas to roll around.

Why are you telling me?

I’m letting you know because I am moving across to my NEW blog and can’t promise that I will post here much , if at all, in the future. Why? Life has gotten in the way. Busy job, two kids & a family and being honest with myself that I just can’t squeeze it ALL in. (As the bishop said to the volleyball team) I’m not shutting Alternate takes on the Everyday down because there are some posts I loved writing here but this will likely be the last new post per se.


…in MUCH better news I’m posting over on my new blog. I’m absolutely loving creating Saxon Templeton. Content Creator with a focus on photography and travel but I promise there will be randomness a plenty too. That’s what I do  – what with being dropped on my head in the baptism font n’ all.

So please come on over and have a look. I will have the kettle on and there’s a comfy seat in front of the fire.

Hope to see you there and as mentioned no need to rush away. Have a look around. I’m still paying the rent here.

Cheers Saxon

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