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I find inspiration in irreverence and sparkle in subtlety and Alternate Takes on the Everyday is my online parchment of random opinions and collective drivel about not really anything in particular. My blog used to be about my profession – marketing – and parts of it still are, but I tended to get, um too easily, err…

What was I saying?

Oh yes ‘Alternate takes…’  is a very casual, often tongue-in-cheek look at whatever is unfortunate enough to come into the cross hairs of my short attention span. Be it an image or video, an opinion, online or offline, aural or oral or just funk to funky we all know Major Tom’s a junky.

So nice to have had you drop by. Stay a while, contribute or simply peek. It’s all good.

Cheers Saxon


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Saxon!

    I found to your blog via the wordpress forum and read a bit here and there. Seems, you have a good hand to pick out the remarkable stuff. Since I recently started a blog, it’s fresh and I’m on the search how to promote it, I just though, well, doesn’t cost me the world to ask. In case the idea behind my blog is worth to write some lines about in your blog, I’d be happy.

    My blog is actually a ‘tool’ to get in touch with the rest of the world to point as many ppl as possible to the actual website, the actual project. It’s one of those sites, that either become unbelievable famous -because of their weirdness-, or that die soon, because of only the man behind the idea thought, it’s cool n weird… 😉

    Many ideas have success no matter how silly they are, but all of them had a huge popularity especially in the internet community. For whatever reason… Many ideas were named as nonsense, until everyone joined the madness – and it became ‘normality’.

    My experiment now needs this kind of support, over the next months I’ll ask a lot of people then to write about or just to state their opinion publically.
    Anyway, would be great to hear, what you think, and what you’d do – if you’d do something to support this project.

    Any feedback on my blog or ‘participation’ on the actual site is welcome.

    Have a nice one!
    (from SAXON-y, Germany 😉

  2. Ahhh – how cool is this, you posted the whole thing….. 🙂 Big thanks for this and the feedback, I’ll share it right on my FB site. Will keep you updated with news about the nose hype ^^
    Cheers, Mat

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