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Travel is my passion and also my career. I’ve spent my entire working-life in the travel industry with roles as diverse as tour guide, travel agent and marketing manager for some of the worlds largest travel brands. My favourite city in the world to visit is NYC and France is my most beloved country to explore. I travel to learn and observe to understand always with camera in hand.

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I’m blogging over here these days.


Whoosh – did you see that?!

A colleague of mine once summed up the – as you get older, life gets faster syndrome – in the following way:

Divide one year (1) into your age and get a percentage.

EG. 1 into 5 years old. 20% of your life.

1 into 40 years old. 2.5% of your life.

I think that is a very salient way to explain how years go by faster and faster yet when you were young it seemed to take FOREVER for Christmas to roll around.

Why are you telling me?

I’m letting you know because I am moving across to my NEW blog and can’t promise that I will post here much , if at all, in the future. Why? Life has gotten in the way. Busy job, two kids & a family and being honest with myself that I just can’t squeeze it ALL in. (As the bishop said to the volleyball team) I’m not shutting Alternate takes on the Everyday down because there are some posts I loved writing here but this will likely be the last new post per se.


…in MUCH better news I’m posting over on my new blog. I’m absolutely loving creating Saxon Templeton. Content Creator with a focus on photography and travel but I promise there will be randomness a plenty too. That’s what I do  – what with being dropped on my head in the baptism font n’ all.

So please come on over and have a look. I will have the kettle on and there’s a comfy seat in front of the fire.

Hope to see you there and as mentioned no need to rush away. Have a look around. I’m still paying the rent here.

Cheers Saxon

Instore versus Online

Young boy shop keeper

Bricks & Mortar (& plastic is seems) are under massive pressure from Online Shopping

Confronting isn’t it.

The face of change.

Luckily at 3 years of age my son is likely to be able to evolve but for many a high-street trader & large department store alike times are bleak. In fairness too son had only popped in to that cubbyhouse in Toys R Us for a nappy ‘act of nature’ but nonetheless I feel this picture encapsulates the plight of traditional retailing versus the growing behemoth that is Online. (Actually did I spell ‘popped’ correctly?)


See here’s where you just don’t get ‘me’ Facebook


This dude is just wrong

This dude is just wrong!!!

Yes I know – you know I’m forty. Yes I know – your advertiser knows I’m probably looking after myself a little better now than I used to. But WOW Mark Zuckerberg how wrong can you get me!?

This guy is sooo scary. Loitering outside what appears to be a toilet door (is it even his house?) with a look on his face that only expensive counselling is going to remove. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!

On the up side.

As I work in Marketing Facebook has, I guess, actually provided me with the anti-template for my advertisements for the rest of my professional career. Scenario below:

Me: Does what we are about to release resemble in any way THIS? (the Facebook Sponsored Story above)

Marketing Co-ord: Hmm maybe slightly in this way.


Some more high class stuff!

What assets is this advertising?

Are you assets balanced?

Drum roll pah-lease. And the Award Winner is…

Actually that should more accurately say the Award Winner was

ah the good old days...

ah the good old days…

This is a Japanese restaurant that is located directly across the road from my office and inasmuch gets quite a few lunchtime visits.

Now working in Marketing I have often pondered whether or not, if this was my business, I would keep the award-winning board of glory in place in 2013. One will note that no awards have been received since 2009 and instead winning years have been replaced with just hopeful ‘…s’ hinting at possible future glories?!

Probably the one award I might most think about removing is the ‘Safe Food’ one.

Look dear customer at how safe our food was, um until 2009…

What do you think. Would you keep them?

This is going to sound Darth’t

My son is OBSESSED with Star Wars & he’s never seen it!

How can this have occured you may correctly ponder?

Sodding Angry Birds Star Wars my friends.

angry-birds-star-warsMy son was obsessed with Angry Birds – the app, the cartoons, the toys, the everything!! then slowly but surely I noticed the favoured Pirate^ cutlass being more oft used as a makeshift Lightsaber. Then came phase two where-by Angry Bird time itself was being replaced with lightsaber sessions and recitals of…

  “Luke I’m your father”

The real epiphany moment for dad (me) of how far this had come was when we were sitting nonchalantly on the couch together and son turned and quipped…

“Dad you know that Anakin Skywalker is actually Darth Vadar AND he’s Luke Skywalker’s father”

Um well yes I did know that but how the h&ll did this three-year-old? He had never even seen the movie!

Now I’m a customs to it

My family and I recently returned from a much overdue holiday – it was a week in beautiful Fiji. beach-fiji

As we got to the front of the queue at Customs at Melbourne airport the surprisingly chipper official pro-offered to son…

“What’s your name young fellow?”

In response my son fixed a steely stare upon said gentleman, paused for best effect and then uttered with a verbal-swagger only a Jedi could muster

“Luke Skywalker”

^ Pirates were the obsession before the next obsession preceding the current obsession.

3G or NOT 3G. That is the question

Emails on your smartphone getting ya down? I’ve got just the town


Launching Urban Serenity city breaks.

Time-poor Executive?

Want a mini escape, be able to power down a little & relax knowing your tsunami of smartphone emails can’t bother you yet don’t want to leave the downtown hubbub, cafe scene & trendy bars behind? Well we here at Urban Serenity have the destination for you.

Melbourne CBD.


Oh yes peace from pesky smartphone data is assured in this telephonic Bermuda Triangle – oops where did that signal go? Infact monks on a vow of silence have more chance of communication then you do in central Melbourne.

Yes, yes of course you could always call someone and speak to them, just kidding how Nokia 6210 is that. Talk to someone!! Haha, totes hilar. No the erstwhile executive of 2013 wants #bigdata not a big chat!

With what shall I fix it?

For the real go getter sans data in the Melbourne CBD there may be the nascent thought of trying to actually fix their data issue. Oh bless. Whilst their endeavour is to be applauded one thing will quickly become apparent as they begin their quest for data-loss answers in central Melbourne…

There’s more chance of saddling a poodle than getting on Google!

Urban Serenity TOP TIP. Fancy a chuckle. Love irony? Stand at the base of the towering Telstra skyscraper in the CBD and try and get some data. For greatest amusement actually try and receive a 4G signal (hahahah) but 3G should F&*k up just as successfully. Repeat…

Don’t just be a Passenger

To be honest I don’t know a huge amount about Mike Rosenberg’s, aka Passenger’s, early musical days. But hey that’s what Wikipedia‘s for right.

No I stumbled upon his music completely by chance about a year ago when a friend’s son sang an impromptu duet with Mike whilst he was busking in Melbourne, Australia. I did a blogpost on it which is here. Young Dom nails it but what I was most struck by was the song. I was like ‘sweet baby Jesus & the orphan’s what’s that song?!’ The duet is below.

Really Busking his balls.

What I most love about this successful Passenger journey is that Mike has seemingly played & busked everywhere. To a handful of folks in a pub beer garden, passing Hamburgers (that does actually make sense) & beneath big sky in Outback Australia (below). This is true wandering minstrel stuff.

Bigger than sliced Beard.

Bigger than sliced beard

Check out the comparative ‘then & now’ busking shot below taken in Sydney. This pictorially demonstrates the success that has been achieved in 2012/ 2013. Add to that massive radio rotation, booming album sales & more #1s than the bushes of a music festival’s fence-line & it really is a heartening story.

passenger busking

SYDNEY. Then & now.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get” – Samuel Goldwyn.

Being a fan of music across the years I know that most artists & bands, regardless of talent, won’t get ‘there’ There being the big time! Arenas, radio & riders. Sadly for most acts a rider is more likely to describe the bass-player arriving at a gig on his flatmate’s bike.

What I have also really enjoyed about Passenger’s success is that it has been achieved sans appearing on a ubiquitous Reality-TV-show like the Shite-Factor. That’s just personal opinion though. In this case talent, great songcraft & clocking up the air miles has done the job.

Time to do the irony.

Seems that right now Passenger is being anything but!