Drum roll pah-lease. And the Award Winner is…

Actually that should more accurately say the Award Winner was

ah the good old days...

ah the good old days…

This is a Japanese restaurant that is located directly across the road from my office and inasmuch gets quite a few lunchtime visits.

Now working in Marketing I have often pondered whether or not, if this was my business, I would keep the award-winning board of glory in place in 2013. One will note that no awards have been received since 2009 and instead winning years have been replaced with just hopeful ‘…s’ hinting at possible future glories?!

Probably the one award I might most think about removing is the ‘Safe Food’ one.

Look dear customer at how safe our food was, um until 2009…

What do you think. Would you keep them?


Outdoor media – it can be boom or bust!

Really? There's 3 billboards here you say...

Unquestionably outdoor media is becoming more & more popular in the Australian marketplace. It offers very attractive pricing when compared with traditional offline newspaper advertising (abhorrently expensive by the way) and certainly comes in well under TV.

Another appeal – if you get the right site (all important that) – is the stickability of your ad. You can’t change the channel, use TIVO to skim through ads or flick the page of your morning newspaper. A great Outdoor site has very high impact (wanker term = cut through) and there are normally a very limited amount of these prime locations in a city. Here’s one in Melbourne, Australia…

'High' profile literally

So three marketing managers have spent tens-of-thousands of their marketing budget dollars to achieve some power presence at one of Melbourne’s best Outdoor sites. A massive intersection with enormous reach. In short a top dollar site.

Unfortunately sometimes the best laid plans by some of the best marketing minds can come undone and go…err well, tits up. If they made a card game called Marketing 500 then – CK trumps, um whoever the other brands are & glamorously photographed cleavage trumps bottles. Well most things really.

Lights have changed see ya

Clever airport advertising – that’s no plane feat!


It’s rare that I smile at airports, even though we meet very, very often.

But holy ailerons Batman I did this week in Perth, Australia. This sign, I think,  is just damn pithy. Bravo this agency. Lucky I guess that extortionate airport carparks can afford the best!

Sign of the times – ‘I’m’ not taking the piss.


I so angry about wee wee that grammar not interest me me

I can almost feel the exasperation of this business owner. People piddling on their premises – it’s just not on. Rage clearly trumps grammar as this entrepreneur fights back with their bold sign. They are clearly not taking this lying down – although in fairness it’s likely to be what people are doing standing up that is most angering them.

Whilst I’m categorizing this loosely as signage for my blog it was really the appealing green background & perfect lighting that first attracted my photographic eye to this sign on a morning run of errands.

Couldn’t also help but wonder if the scrawled blood crimson lettering is courtesy of the last ‘tinkler’ who may have suffered the particular misfortune of being caught-in-the-act by the irate owner? Just saying…

The Bonnie Tilers – Best business name ever?

How grout are The Bonnie Tilers

Behold!!! I have seen this van a couple of times locally but never been able to photograph the darn thing. Finally I passed it on the weekend and now can unfetter their brilliance upon the world.

Look closely.

Look again at the photo above. Now look down. See it? When you look closer it isn’t Bonnie Tyler at all.  See the Genius!

Holding out for a Hero? The Bonnie Tilers

Further monetizing suggestions for the Bonnie Tilers.

(Do your Tiles) Tuuuurn Around? Every now & then…Well call us on 0435 – xxxxxx

Or. Customer in italics

And I need you now tonight (Sorry we finish at 4pm)
And I need you more than ever (OK. That will cost triple)
And if you’ll only hold me tight  (Um, OK awkward)
We’ll be holding on forever  (Well our tiles will)
And we’ll only be making it right (Bad tiles need to go, no two ways)
Cause we’ll never be wrong together (Can we get a reference?)
We can take it to the end of the line (We never leave gaps)
Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time (Ummm…)
I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark (We do tiles not electrical lady)
We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks (Seriously you need an electrian!!)
I really need you tonight (Ok we’ll be there at 7pm)
Forever’s gonna start tonight (Well not forever –technically – we give a five year guarantee)

Love some nuance in my traffic safety advertising


Sorry that this image is a little blurry but I was driving a bit too fast.

Love a dose of pithy handling of a serious subject. So nice to have a chuckle rather than a cringe. It’s more oft to see a limb flying thru a windscreen than a droll play on words.

Good work on this one clever agency peeps!