Can you be a well guarded secret & advertise? Hmmm…


Shhh...don't tell anyone. Um actually maybe like tell loads of people?!

So Noosa is certainly a well-to-do holiday hamlet about 2 hours north of Australia’s 3rd largest city Brisbane. Exclusive might not be too much of a stretch but it is slightly too mass market for that to be entirely accurate. That background is necessary because in a place like Noosa boutique sells.

All well & good but is it just me that has a little problem with the Belmondo’s advertisement?

Firstly it’s placed in a cheesy tourist map. Think a free London map with the nearest Hard Rock cafe or TGI Fridays marked. Gourmet & chessy doesn’t sound that palatable? Next is the cachet of such a venerated local institution, spoken of only in whispers, somewhat contradicted by, um you know – advertising.

Lastly & possibly leastly why are they actually advertising at all if they are a Noosa incrowd icon. Just a nod, a Belmondos market bag & a knowing smirk ought be enough surely?

Anyway could you tell that it rained alot while I was there? Mind wanders when…

Noosa Main beach. Just between us OK ūüėČ


Clever airport advertising – that’s no plane feat!


It’s rare that I smile at airports, even though we meet very, very often.

But holy ailerons Batman I did this week in Perth, Australia. This sign, I think,  is just damn pithy. Bravo this agency. Lucky I guess that extortionate airport carparks can afford the best!

Would three dollars have killed ya?

Not often you see someone round UP in Travel marketing

Hmmm…not everyday you see this type of marketing. There is a word for it but I’d like to keep this blog PG. Just me or there is an EXCELLENT opportunity here to have this airfare start with a ‘1’!!!

Peeps at Webjet Рwho ironically enough today announced a tidy profit of $A11 Million Рwith this type of pricing policy I reckon you may have left a couple of extra possible profit cents in consumers and/or competitors pockets.

I best end for tonight – it’s getting late. It’s 10:57pm. Aw what the hey let’s call it 11:02

Monday‚Äôs classic commercial. Who would have thought washing could be so entertaining?!

I think the creative team at Leo Burnett, Italy may have sniffed a few cheeky lines of washing powder before dreaming up this 2007 advert for Ariston washing machines. I love the result. Who could have imagined what ethereal journey dirty undies were about to undertake. The UK latterly copied this ad but removed the flapping fish at the end. A very PC decision that, in my opinion, socks.

Monday’s classic commercial: Undies or Togs? (Bathers/ Swimsuit)

Starting a new section today. Each Monday (somewhere in the world) I will upload a popular ad. Funny, thought-provoking or maybe controversial; contemporary or perhaps yesteryear.

This Monday its a TV ad for Trumpet Ice Creams in New Zealand (2007)

Whilst it’s an effective advert for setting the summer tone I think the greater¬†good is¬†acheived by reinforcing just how wrong these type of ‘lolly bags’¬†are!!!!