This is going to sound Darth’t

My son is OBSESSED with Star Wars & he’s never seen it!

How can this have occured you may correctly ponder?

Sodding Angry Birds Star Wars my friends.

angry-birds-star-warsMy son was obsessed with Angry Birds – the app, the cartoons, the toys, the everything!! then slowly but surely I noticed the favoured Pirate^ cutlass being more oft used as a makeshift Lightsaber. Then came phase two where-by Angry Bird time itself was being replaced with lightsaber sessions and recitals of…

  “Luke I’m your father”

The real epiphany moment for dad (me) of how far this had come was when we were sitting nonchalantly on the couch together and son turned and quipped…

“Dad you know that Anakin Skywalker is actually Darth Vadar AND he’s Luke Skywalker’s father”

Um well yes I did know that but how the h&ll did this three-year-old? He had never even seen the movie!

Now I’m a customs to it

My family and I recently returned from a much overdue holiday – it was a week in beautiful Fiji. beach-fiji

As we got to the front of the queue at Customs at Melbourne airport the surprisingly chipper official pro-offered to son…

“What’s your name young fellow?”

In response my son fixed a steely stare upon said gentleman, paused for best effect and then uttered with a verbal-swagger only a Jedi could muster

“Luke Skywalker”

^ Pirates were the obsession before the next obsession preceding the current obsession.