3G or NOT 3G. That is the question

Emails on your smartphone getting ya down? I’ve got just the town


Launching Urban Serenity city breaks.

Time-poor Executive?

Want a mini escape, be able to power down a little & relax knowing your tsunami of smartphone emails can’t bother you yet don’t want to leave the downtown hubbub, cafe scene & trendy bars behind? Well we here at Urban Serenity have the destination for you.

Melbourne CBD.


Oh yes peace from pesky smartphone data is assured in this telephonic Bermuda Triangle – oops where did that signal go? Infact monks on a vow of silence have more chance of communication then you do in central Melbourne.

Yes, yes of course you could always call someone and speak to them, just kidding how Nokia 6210 is that. Talk to someone!! Haha, totes hilar. No the erstwhile executive of 2013 wants #bigdata not a big chat!

With what shall I fix it?

For the real go getter sans data in the Melbourne CBD there may be the nascent thought of trying to actually fix their data issue. Oh bless. Whilst their endeavour is to be applauded one thing will quickly become apparent as they begin their quest for data-loss answers in central Melbourne…

There’s more chance of saddling a poodle than getting on Google!

Urban Serenity TOP TIP. Fancy a chuckle. Love irony? Stand at the base of the towering Telstra skyscraper in the CBD and try and get some data. For greatest amusement actually try and receive a 4G signal (hahahah) but 3G should F&*k up just as successfully. Repeat…

Look out – Cyclone Texter is on the way


I won’t need my thumbs in my 30s. Besides phones will be soooo oldskool by then!!

I’ve noticed teenagers text message with a frenetic energy that I have only hitherto seen captured in YouTube clips of tsunamis.

If only we could harness that power, we may have found the future of energy post fossil fuels! NB – I haven’t really considered any possible issues associated with physically connecting a teenager to a power turbine. There may be possible OH&S implications? Plus my ‘all the cool kids are doing it’ enlistment strategy may need some refinement. Anyway…

When a Gen Z’er texts there is so much frenzied movement of digits & thumbs that a veritable texting hurricane sweeps concentrically outwards from their keypad. My texting, on the other hand, produces a wind force similar in scale & brutality to that of a receding glacier or by being passed by a particularly infirm sloth. I guess I’m just more wind jeer than windsheer?!


Hold on folks. I’m texting

However there is good & bad news in relation to my glacial texting pace. Bad – I’m far from being very ‘street’. Good – it took almost my entire tram journey home to write this!

Hold the phone. NYC through the lens of my HTC

When it comes to photography I’m the wheezy kid who tries hard but ends up walking half way through the race. I am passionate – yes. I am skilled – um would love to be. I am dedicated – er have you tried lugging a SLR with two lenses around for long??

So recently I came home from a business trip to London via NYC. I did bust out the Canon for an afternoon or so but the beguiling allures of the West Village, the down right hipster-ness of Williamsburg and the cachet of the Meatpacking district meant that I wanted to lug a large camera and accessories around about as much as wearing a I heart Chechnya t-shirt outside the Kremlin.


So you now know that I pretty much just snapped away with my Android phone. For the gallery below I have processed many, not all, with a super amazing app called Pixlr-o-matic. It’s free and available for both Android & iPhone. A word of warning – there is every chance that you will become addicted.

Early Adopters look away now!

Linked In

I recently saw a compelling documentary on Google^ and a key ‘take out’ for me was their constant thirst for innovation. I am quite certain that Larry & Sergei would have coniptions if they ever had the misfortune to encounter my cord entanglement catastrophy. (Above)

When I packed up tonight I looked down and was myself aghast at the scene of entwined hell beneath me. It looked like three Octopuses fighting over spaghetti! It certainly filled a hitherto so-called Early Adopter with pangs of guilt. Will I have to hand in my membership? Will I need to rescind my HTC 4g for an iPhone3? First rule of Early Adopters Club don’t talk about Early Adopters Club…oh and don’t have sixteen tons of cabling on your desk!

Hmmm perhaps I can acquire a Livescribe pen and rejoin the club! A pen so advanced that it makes paper very 2010 (search Livescribe for my related post)

^ OK so reasonably interesting. Filled in an hour or so on a flight at least