Mind the gap

Hmm…OK so this business was drawn to my eye for all the wrong reasons on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong good on them for using social media to get their business out there, err whatever they do. Just think that maybe the graphic design budget could have been stretched (OK as you know I like a pun but am not game for any on this post) for a few more logo versions of Gashop.

But maybe not…

The doyens of PR say no publicity is bad publicity so maybe the reasonably awkward lettering gap is entirely intentional. After all I have blogged about it and you and that other guy in Winnipeg that visit have read it so…

Certainly grabs your um, ............... attention


Is this caps lock Tourettes?

WHaT iS wiTh thIs?

JuSt mE? ThIs aIn'T a gReAt sIgn

Hmmm I’ve never been a good graphic designer… seems I have something in coMmOn wIth This oNe tHeN…