Is this the worst print ad ever? I almost dropped dead when I saw this. That would have been ironic!

Rug sale

Rug Sale - Dead male

Interrupt, engage, educate & offer!

This is a marketing process we try & follow at my firm. Let’s use that & overlay against this advert.

Interrupt(ed) – certainly did that. Sadly much like the life of the former owner.

Engage – hmmm not so much. More cringe.

Educate – misses here too. This rug ad fails to tell us what he died from. Tisk

Offer – um so OK no thanks you can keep the dead guys rugs.

I can only thank Hades that I didn’t hear a radio ad. Perhaps in similar subtle vain it may have gone something like…

With prices like this you’ll buy & then truck it coz our poor old last owner has just kicked the bucket!