The Bonnie Tilers – Best business name ever?

How grout are The Bonnie Tilers

Behold!!! I have seen this van a couple of times locally but never been able to photograph the darn thing. Finally I passed it on the weekend and now can unfetter their brilliance upon the world.

Look closely.

Look again at the photo above. Now look down. See it? When you look closer it isn’t Bonnie Tyler at all.  See the Genius!

Holding out for a Hero? The Bonnie Tilers

Further monetizing suggestions for the Bonnie Tilers.

(Do your Tiles) Tuuuurn Around? Every now & then…Well call us on 0435 – xxxxxx

Or. Customer in italics

And I need you now tonight (Sorry we finish at 4pm)
And I need you more than ever (OK. That will cost triple)
And if you’ll only hold me tight  (Um, OK awkward)
We’ll be holding on forever  (Well our tiles will)
And we’ll only be making it right (Bad tiles need to go, no two ways)
Cause we’ll never be wrong together (Can we get a reference?)
We can take it to the end of the line (We never leave gaps)
Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time (Ummm…)
I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark (We do tiles not electrical lady)
We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks (Seriously you need an electrian!!)
I really need you tonight (Ok we’ll be there at 7pm)
Forever’s gonna start tonight (Well not forever –technically – we give a five year guarantee)

Round & round & round & round for hours upon hours. Oh yes ‘the ladies’ just love motor racing. Mark Webber’s taking it back for da men.

Mark Webber

Breaking News - Vettel mysteriously injured by flying cork

Because we need this photo.

Long have some (OK granted not many maybe like six) but some have feared the growing adoration & love of motor sport by women. The delight of seeing loud macho vehicles in the broadest sense just following each other around & around & around in circles for hours. Ah the cachet, the attraction.

But enter knight in shining armour, or bloke in fast Red Bull – Mark Webber. The world does need more subtle images like this to rest back control of motor sport to the male of the species.

Deemed not quite phallic enough by the the head of the FIA the gloriously understated ‘explosion’ is the perfect close to something that is more than a photo – it’s a statement.

Oh & we all know where Mark hopes the cork ends up. The soft temple of an Austrian teammate perhaps? Just saying…

What do you call a collection of excited young females? A Zara

Zara is coming

Not even open yet the Melbourne Zara site is already attracting groups of admiring onlookers. Exciting times if you live in Melbourne & have been counting down the days; terrifying if you have a city fashion store & have been dreading it!

Aussies Aussies Aussies COY COY COY – of buying Australian retail. Here’s why…


So Aussie icon brand RM Williams has spent alot on this 2 jeans for $200 campaign. But why bother really? For me getting four (maybe even five!) pairs of USA Levis is a tad more appealing for the same price. Easy as jumping on the pc or macbook & hitting the www. I wouldn’t really have suggested that there is a good ROI in this campaign. I would write more but gotta go there’s a sale on at Urban Outfitters.