Drum roll pah-lease. And the Award Winner is…

Actually that should more accurately say the Award Winner was

ah the good old days...

ah the good old days…

This is a Japanese restaurant that is located directly across the road from my office and inasmuch gets quite a few lunchtime visits.

Now working in Marketing I have often pondered whether or not, if this was my business, I would keep the award-winning board of glory in place in 2013. One will note that no awards have been received since 2009 and instead winning years have been replaced with just hopeful ‘…s’ hinting at possible future glories?!

Probably the one award I might most think about removing is the ‘Safe Food’ one.

Look dear customer at how safe our food was, um until 2009…

What do you think. Would you keep them?

Bring back the business lunch!


I was at a networking function hosted by 3 Degrees Marketing recently and got talking to some great people across a wide pastiche of different industries. As I was exchanging cards with someone in the magazine game & tentatively planning a meeting we both got to chatting about the complete lack these days of the ballsy business meeting.

Not sure about you but certainly I dread the moment these days at a business lunch when the waitress or waiter says…OK drinks for anyone?

Eyes dart around the table more fidgety than a cowboy’s trigger-finger before a draw. Everyone is thinking – yes actually I’d bloody love a Sav Blanc – yet silence pervades eventually broken by the first to speak. Ummm, err….I’ll have a mineral water and then the rest fall into line like a sad house of cards. Yes a mineral water for me too, coke for me please…

Enough!! Let us follow the lead of these Belgian business warriors. Now THIS IS A BUSINESS MEETING!

bring back the business meeting

Oui - tell me again Pascal how your product vill help zee bottom line

Sadly even here it seems this business meeting has been effected by timidness & cost cutting. They really wanted to have a large!

So pfft I say. Join me in bringing it back – business-lunch-bravado. A glass of coke is normally extortionate at a decent restaurant anyway and not much (if any) cheaper than a beer or house-wine plus often a glass of wine is included in a corporate lunch menu. Act now.

End the fear – say thanks waitress you can put my wine right here!