Never been keen on going commando…

SO OK can I just check - this is supposed to be appealing right?

As marketers we don’t always get it right. Test, measure, learn – test, measure, learn I always say. Hmm I wonder how this Subway promo will go?

Now I note that normally the queue at my local Subway is 98% male at lunchtime. Guys who are thinking – how healthy am I having a sandwich, my body is sooooo a temple. “Yes sir” – ‘Hi footlong, double meat BLT, 15 litres of mayonnaise & 3 Kenworth’s full of salad thanks’ I also know from thorough market research  (OK 2 girls in the pod opposite) that as men salivate over the one foot of bread about to be consumed women run screaming in horror at the mere thought of such a den of carbohydrate evil. Anyway that’s not my point…

Just not too sure about the appeal of their competition:

Yes sign me up to win a 5am bootcamp with a skinhead possessing just the merest whisper of homicidal psychopath (Sure you’re very nice Steve if you’re reading. Sorry I mean Commando Steve)