Oh as the nun said to the baseball team…

I do so love a witty pun or a cheeky double entendre in a headline & to me the UK’s 4th Estate are probably the best exponents of this pithy practice. Infact they are so much the masters of the play-on-words art that there is probably a touch of Headline Hubris about them. Now, with that now on the record I guess that’s why I dislike the headline pictured above so much…

Tahiti agents look nice

Hmmm… I kept looking for some humorous or clever double meaning for the word ‘nice’. Did it refer to Nice in France perhaps or was it was the name of the hotel or was it the organiser’s surname or…? Sadly, but in equal measure, very interestingly, it turns out I was looking forlornly. No it just means, quite literally – the agents look nice. Fair enough however I’d be expecting that a little more from a story about a princess written by my daughter and less from an adult journalist in a widely read industry e-newsletter.

A prince of prose, a doyen of description or a headline hero they’re not! Anyhoo…

Here comes the Sun

The Sun ahhhh the Sun. I think you might find something quite appealing down below…

Juvenile, err – YES! Yet just laden with massive …

...? Oooh so much double entendre potential . Thank you fate


Not being from the UK I don’t know the show, don’t even actually really know the celeb (strange that, on a reality show & not that well-known anymore – quelle shock!) but I do know potential when I see it!

Thank you God of Puns, Gatekeeper of Sniggers and the subtle winds of insinuation for blowing those ‘…’s into that location. Ooh as the nun said to the Greco-Roman wrestler.

Yes I am 39 going on 15 & yes I do smirk at the word moist regardless of context but don’t resist join me.

severely straining his…?

           lengthy blade

           delicate sequins

The dots are funny, unfortunate but funny. A little bit like this (gentlemen try not to squirm too much!):