Round & round & round & round for hours upon hours. Oh yes ‘the ladies’ just love motor racing. Mark Webber’s taking it back for da men.

Mark Webber

Breaking News - Vettel mysteriously injured by flying cork

Because we need this photo.

Long have some (OK granted not many maybe like six) but some have feared the growing adoration & love of motor sport by women. The delight of seeing loud macho vehicles in the broadest sense just following each other around & around & around in circles for hours. Ah the cachet, the attraction.

But enter knight in shining armour, or bloke in fast Red Bull – Mark Webber. The world does need more subtle images like this to rest back control of motor sport to the male of the species.

Deemed not quite phallic enough by the the head of the FIA the gloriously understated ‘explosion’ is the perfect close to something that is more than a photo – it’s a statement.

Oh & we all know where Mark hopes the cork ends up. The soft temple of an Austrian teammate perhaps? Just saying…