Women are from Venus & men find it amusing that that rhymes with…

Marc Jacobs

Men & women see things differently

I spied this full page Marc Jacobs ad in an inflight magazine recently. Just flicking through on the plane as I am oft to do & it got me to thinking…

Were women, more than likely, thinking pertinent & relevant things as they perused this ad such as: where can I smell a sample of this, I love Jacobs I’m sure to love this, I wonder if the essence is muted or powerful or if I do like it, when would I wear it?

If we’re being honest here most guys upon viewing the exact same advert are thinking: is she wearing underwear?

What do you call a collection of excited young females? A Zara

Zara is coming

Not even open yet the Melbourne Zara site is already attracting groups of admiring onlookers. Exciting times if you live in Melbourne & have been counting down the days; terrifying if you have a city fashion store & have been dreading it!