Careful what you wish for

Quick – buy some clothes you’ll never wear out!?

Shout it from the rooftops!

Hard Yakka now make jeans. Er… Jeans you won’t wear out!?

Oh hang on. No we mean they’re super tough. You get it right? Not you wouldn’t be caught dead in our jeans. Oh oh, sh#t this soooo worked in the agency. You guys get it don’t you, please, please get it….

Lost in translation.

Hard Yakka garments are so tough they make the Marlboro Man look like Betty White but I almost slipped the old Toyota off the freeway when I saw their ‘won’t wear out’ tagline on a super expensive billboard this week.

Luckily I do suspect though that only marketing types & smartarses (I fit both categories I think) will take this the wrong way – ooh as the nun said to the baseball team. It seems like a super expensive campaign so I hope I’m in the minority. You know what a minority is right, like um, oh the percentage of jeans-wearers that would actually wear Hard Yakka for example.

Women are from Venus & men find it amusing that that rhymes with…

Marc Jacobs

Men & women see things differently

I spied this full page Marc Jacobs ad in an inflight magazine recently. Just flicking through on the plane as I am oft to do & it got me to thinking…

Were women, more than likely, thinking pertinent & relevant things as they perused this ad such as: where can I smell a sample of this, I love Jacobs I’m sure to love this, I wonder if the essence is muted or powerful or if I do like it, when would I wear it?

If we’re being honest here most guys upon viewing the exact same advert are thinking: is she wearing underwear?

What do you call a collection of excited young females? A Zara

Zara is coming

Not even open yet the Melbourne Zara site is already attracting groups of admiring onlookers. Exciting times if you live in Melbourne & have been counting down the days; terrifying if you have a city fashion store & have been dreading it!

Not all are created equal. The Zara story

They still haven’t copied my Tartan cargo pants. Those were going to start with the youth of Glasgow and then go seriously global. Hasn’t happened! That mistake aside this great vid from Australia’s Hungry beast tells a tale of a true uber brand!