WWWhat an opportunity!

The Australian ‘Open’

No not the tennis, the current visit to Australia by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. #tbldownunder

 Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Inventor of the WWW.

TBL is an evangelist for openness and the free sharing of information on the web and why wouldn’t we listen – um, he invented it!!

Hands up…

If you write code?! More than half of the audience seated in Wilson Hall, University of Melbourne stretched their hands skyward. I felt left out. I really wanted to fit in but the last thing I programmed was my TIVO. Moreover TBL believes that there is more than just cachet being a coder and that by possessing coding prowess you can literally have the chance to change the world right at your finger tips. #showoffs

Fav Quote.

“Many people think that Google IS the web”

Time flies

It was an amazing chance for a career marketer like myself, and more broadly as an early-adopter (hard to keep up these days) & fan of technology in general, to hear from a visionary who has fundamentally altered the course of history and reshaped our thinking and behaviours.

Ford, Berners-Lee, Brin & Page, Hasslehof – it’s never been the same.

Was it just that I was more than a little in awe or was it actually that TBL did fly through his speech? I think the latter, but he did take around 20 minutes of questioning. Below I captured him readying himself to answer one of those questions and in what I believe he, himself, might term a “hack” have added a caption.