‘As seen on TV’ Has common sense flown the coop?


Skinless chicken. Certainly one of the more talented reality TV show contestants I have seen lately

‘As seen on TV’. Are they serious? Chicken! A breast of chicken…

Extreme pun zone – Enter at own risk.

Since when did dead lifeless flesh become famous?  Opps hang on I forgot Kyle Sandilands. Him aside I really think that a container of chicken breast is a really poultry excuse for a celebrity. Can you picture this.

Phones BFF – “OMG, OMG. Oh My Gaawd, I’m just down at the supermarket and you’ll never guess who I’ve just seen from the TV…”

That said very happy that the chicken breast has been plucked from anonymity & given an appearance on My Kitchen Rules. One to add to the show-reel certainly. You may have already scene chicken breast in such shows as The Bill (I know that should really be The Beak, yes, yes), West Wing & who will ever forget the triumph that was Bok to the Future.

My Kitchen Rules certainly does rule the roost in it’s timeslot but having had the accidental  misfortune of catching about five minutes of it once I would actually much rather just watch an assortment of brainless & barely covered breasts. Oh hang on that’s Jersey Shore right?

The importance of correct granma

When your Twitter #tag is #insideLaura you're in trouble

Hmm….not that much to say about this other than woopsy daisy! Funny woopsy daisy for sure, err maybe except for girls called Laura and white knuckled Direct-Marketing Managers perhaps.

So this is on a personalised piece of Direct Marketing that my company – um let’s call us Travel R Us – send out in snail mail. The conversion of these highly propensity-profiled print pieces (try saying that three times) is normally very good. Actually I should really find out the response rate to this piece and drill down further (no pun intended, OK maybe a little bit intended) Find out just which segment has responded most readily to this rather invitational piece. Mmm on second thoughts maybe not.

Mistakes happen – write!?

Mistakes happen in this world of course – just look at Excess Baggage by Channel 9 or you know Snooki for example – & gosh dang it I’m sure Laura’s comma was appropriately placed in the mock-up stage. So perhaps some comparison may offer to serve as some semblance of defence.

Let us note in the damning image below that even the titan of travel writing, that guru of Guidebooks – Lonely Planet – have had their own typographic faux pas. Behold a handy reference for your next trip to Westen Europe. Should you ever, that is, actually find a place called Westen Europe!? Me thinks the careers of the product manager &/or copywriter on this particular edition – in keeping with the tone of deserts, dust & cowboys  – may have ended up cactus!

Bang Bang, it's a Lonely Planet 'Westen'