The Easter Pun challenge – what shall I advertise?

Advertising agencies really are a warren of activity at Easter

2013 Update.

This post was first uploaded before easter 2012. However it’s great to see that once a lazy marketer always a lazy marketer and it’s again been raining Easter puns ad nauseum in ’13. Rather than buck this trend I have once more joined in. Please see below the horrendous plunder (well that should be punder) of easter terms that I sent to our 900 staff this afternoon to wish them well on their short break.

Hot Crossed Puns.
Hare I go… I hope you all have a great couple of days off. Lettuce not forget how hard we’ve all been working since Xmas. I won’t rabbit on too much but just hop straight to the point. I’m sorry this hasn’t been bunny at all and well below even my low eggspectations. Happy Easter! Don’t worry – I warren do this again.


Original 2012 Post.

It’s coming up to Easter and in advertising that can only mean one thing – PUNS. Loads and loads of hot-crossed puns. You see it everywhere. It’s such lazy advertising but is easy to do as you can sell it to your clients as relevance.

( Also see my post on similarly lazy marketing on 1st birthday sales )

So what’s the deal?

Here’s what I thought to do. You know to try and keep me mentally alert – I don’t have a Wii you know. Let me know what product or service you would like me to write an ad for so laden with puns that it will probably get you twitching. No product is out of bounds the more abstract the better probably? Not sure.

Me knows that to comment on here you have to sign up to WordPress so not a bother. I will check in at all my online nooks & crannies such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Pinterest to see your suggestions. I’ll make my decision on Friday morning Australian time. So late Thursday night in London, early Thursday afternoon in L.A & early Thursday evening in NYC.

Over to you. Hop to it…


The laziest marketing ever?

So lame!

I just overheard a radio advert and started cringing. It was for a businesses 1st birthday and went something along the lines of…

It’s XXXXX’s 1st birthday but we’re giving away the presents…

The reason I cringed is that I know on more than one occasion across the years I’ve written that very same line & thought to myself. Gee that’s a bit clever, I like that…

OMG the shame, the horror of that phrase! I have to say though I do actually find it cathartic to own up. Is that line not one of the single most over-used marketing clichés ever!?

Anyway I’ve had my rant…& I promise (maybe ‘I’ll try’ is sadly more realistic) never to use it again!